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Hi, It’s OK Not To Be OK

Hi readers, So a long time since I wrote to this blog… Maybe this post is my emotional post, LOL.

My life as usual like a roller coaster. I’m back at university after 9 years graduating with a diploma.

Why? Because I can.

As you know in 2022, I joined Digital Marketing Bootcamp at Dibimbing. I spent 6+2 months deeply studying Digital Marketing. I did it, I graduated, Yay!

And in 2023 from January until June, I joined a project called QCC or Quality Control Circle. In Japanese word is named Kaizen. Fortunately, My team won in internal competition and group competition, So we can continue our project to Japan to meet with a global team.

But, everything can not smoothly be running well. I can not go to Japan. My company only chose the presenter to go to Japan. I’m very SAD. I have spent my time so much to do this project.

I cried, I hated everything especially my company, my boss, and others related to the stakeholders of this project. But in the deep of my heart, I still keep passionate about making this project win the gold medal. I can not describe my feeling well for this. I hate but I want. So complicated!

I sicked. My body gives me the alarm that I am unhealthy to do all. My condition was so dropped. My second daughter is also sick.

I could not focus on doing tasks at uni, or work at the office, and hard to join the English Course (Yup I joined the English Course 6 months later).

When my body was dropped with the busy schedule.

My grandmother crashed by motorcycle. I can not say Unfortunately, everything is Qadarullah.

I must keep her in the hospital. My husband is one of my support systems and a hero for this. I love him so much. My neighborhood was also so kind to help us. I hope they will remain blessed.

Oh God, I realize that I must be OK not to be OK. I can do that, I can pass all like before.

I hope I can come back to write on this blog.

My lovely blog that can present my story, idea, and all I want… Fighting!!!


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